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dettiot asked: "Joey Rogers and Jamie Winchester have a play date. Their fathers try to find something to talk about."

They watch their boys on the playground, each sitting at one end of the park bench. 

Dean Winchester nods and glances at Steve Rogers.

"My dad was in the marines." 

Steve blinks and looks over at Dean. “Oh. Well…okay.” 

Dean nods. 

Silence falls over them again.

"Joey eat bugs?" 

Steve looks at Dean again. “Excuse me?” 

"Jamie’s been doin’ this thing lately where he just…eats bugs," Dean says. "Miranda’s been trying to get him to stop, he says they’re crunchy." 

Steve huffs out a laugh. “Joey tried to eat a bee and it stung him. He’s learned his lesson.” 

"See, Jamie sees that kinda thing as a challenge instead of a deterrent," Dean grins. "He’s just about as stubborn as I am." 

"Joey only gets stubborn at bath time," Steve tells him. "Then he tries to make a run for it." 

"Brave kid, trying to outrun Captain America," Dean comments. 

Steve shakes his head and laughs.

Also if you’re looking for some Babfic, specifically of the Avengers/Chuck/Supernatural crossover variety, please send prompts.

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So, as predicted, it’s been a tough, up-and-down day.

I’ve held it together mostly, but I’m ready to start over tomorrow and hope it’s better.

Depression and anxiety suck and are bullshit.

That is all.

Sebastian Stan at Jane Eyre New York Premiere  3/9/2011

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Maria Virginia Stark (1)

"I mean we’re gonna get married."

Tony Stark nods distractedly as he attaches the mobile to Dummy’s “arm” and makes sure the glittery rockets spin properly. “Yep.”

"Of course we are. I proposed and she said yes, so…so we’re gonna get married."

Tony blinks, noticing the mild panic in Steve Rogers’ voice. He turns to the vid screen. “You know, it’s not 1945 anymore, Steve. Plenty of people have babies before they get married. Plenty of people have babies and never get married at all.”

"Like you," Steve says. "How’s Maria?"

Tony grins and looks down at the baby sleeping in the playpen in his lab. “Great. Perfect. And as a bonus, she doesn’t give two shits if her parents get married or not, as long as she’s got places to sleep and Pepper keeps lactating.”

Steve wrinkles his nose.

"Look, you guys don’t have to get married."

"I want to," Steve says firmly. "I want us to be a real family."

"The only people who get to decide how real it is are the two of you," Tony says.

Steve sighs. “It’s just…if something happens to us…I want Joey to be taken care of. I want all the t’s crossed and I’s dotted. I don’t want to leave that to chance.”

"Then go to the courthouse and-"

"That’s what Zondra keeps saying, but…I want a real wedding."

Tony grins a little.

Steve groans. “I shouldn’t have told you.”

"Just do everybody a favor, and don’t turn into Bridezilla. Seriously, I don’t know if any of us could handle you bursting into tears when they don’t have the exact shade of flower you’re looking for."

"I hate you."

"That’s okay," Tony grins. "I’ve got a four month old who adores me. I think I can take a little bit of hate."

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fezzywhigg said: Oh Snap Cap!

Yeah, Steve sorta forgot something… ;)

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Joseph Abraham Rogers (1.5)

"So when are you and Zondra gonna get married?"

Steve freezes, eyes wide, one twitching slightly as his son does another wiggle and makes a baby noise like babies do.

Bucky laughs, not even trying to hold it back. “You forgot.”

"No I didn’t."

"You did."

"Of course I didn’t forget. I…I remembered. I did."

Bucky shakes his head. “You proposed, Zondra got pregnant and then you forgot to get married.”

Steve huffs.

"You better watch out. Those mean old nuns from Sunday school could come back and beat the shit out of you for living in sin and having a baby out of wedlock."

"You are not funny," Steve says, pointing a finger.

Bucky just smiles. “I’m a little funny. Aren’t I funny, Joe?”

Steve pinches the bridge of his nose as Bucky starts playing with Joey.

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I may need a little help getting through my day today. Please send stupid/funny things. 

Thank you for your time.