*tries explaining the plot of Sex Criminals to someone when there is a child ten feet away*


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When Steve Met Zondra

The entire compound blows, throwing Captain America, the CATS and Agent Bartowski fifty feet onto the grass.

Bartowski groans. “Okay. Okay. Fine. I hit the detonator too soon. I’m sorry!”

“You should be sorry!” Agent Miller cries, slapping him upside the head.

“Don’t hit my boyfriend!” Agent Walker snaps. “Or I’ll break you in two.”

“Can we stow the fighting please?” Steve asks, sitting up slowly.

“Okay there, Cap?” Agent Rizzo asks, grinning a little. She looks like she’s having fun, even though she’s got ash on her cheeks and a bloody lip. Her dark brown hair falls in her face, and there are tears in her gear.

She looks…beautiful, really. Steve’s not sure how long it’s been since he’s looked at a girl and felt that light-headed feeling.


Steve blinks and squints. “What?”

Agent Rizzo smiles wider. “I asked if you were okay? You got a concussion or something?”

“N-no! No, I’m…I’m good. I’m fine. Great. Good. Hi. Hi.”

Bartowski frowns. “Maybe we should get him to a medic.”

catrogue asked: "The Cat Squad have a white elephant gift party. This is a prompt, homie."


Warning: Rated T for language. Because it’s the CAT Squad. I mean, c’mon. C’mon.



Laughter filled the darkest corner of the bar as the redhead hoisted her heeled boots up onto the table and crossed her ankles. “What?” she shrugged as Sarah continued laughing at the object in Zondra’s hands.

“Miller, I’m gonna f—I hate you. I hate your damn face, you know that?” Zondra pointed at Carina with a glare.

“Oh, you love me. You know that’s the thing you asked Santa for every year when you were a little brat with pigtails.”

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Even with Jill, Chuck vs. the Fat Lady is a really good episode!  Join Leigh and Melissa as we talk about the great plot, sympathizing with Sarah, and the drinking tastes of Buymoria.  So give this episode of the Pineapple Podcast a listen!


I had the pleasure of talking to Stephen Colbert about Tumblr last night! Still couldn’t get his URL out of him…

We all know that all Colbert tumblrs about are his Steve Rogers feelings. 

Come on now.