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1. I’m a really fun and silly drunk.

2. I have super awesome curly hair. There are some days that it is hair commercial worthy. 

3. I am monstrously awesome at writing dialogue. 

4. I have a wickedly weird sense of humor

5. I can sing pretty great.

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Saturday morning.

Saturday morning.

I murdered it myself!

I murdered it myself!



Doctor who pinball!!!

Doctor who pinball!!!

Comics recommendations are always open

Just fyi. :)

i think i saw from your blog that you have knowledge of comics. which superman author can you recommend that I start with? thank you

Superman is tough, mostly because there’s just so darn much of it! And there have been so many writers who have written Supes. Some well, some…not so much.

And it really depends on if you’re looking to get into the character as a whole, or get into the series as it stands now.

But regardless, a few recommendations:

1. Superman: Red Son: Millar, who I don’t normally recommend because…well, a lot of reasons, did a take on Clark where his pod landed in Soviet Russia. Interesting stuff!

2. Superman: Secret Identity, by Busiek is another interesting take, where a young kid named Clark Kent who lives in a world like ours, where Superheroes don’t exist, and then suddenly gets Superman’s powers. It’s pretty good.

3. Superman/Batman: Public Enemies. By Loeb. Lots of great Superman. Lots of great Clark and Bruce bro’in around. Lots of great Lex Luthor rubbing his hands together going “Mwahahahahaha!” as the president of the US.

4. Action Comics: The Black Ring. By Paul Cornell. Not so much a Superman books a Lex Luthor book. After the events of Blackest night (Lantern rings everywhere! Zombies! Holy hell!), Lex Luthor goes on the hunt for the black ring after tasting the power of the Orange Lantern ring. It’s a great villain/anti-hero book. It’s fun, and the ending is really, really great.

I hope this helps!!! Let me know! :)

honest hour: do you have a song you're listening to on repeat right now? what is it/what was the last song that you've done this to?

So right now, I’m really into “Blood of Angels” by Brown Bird, and I actually don’t remember which song I did that with last. But I Really enjoy Blood of Angels. :)




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